Stewart Town Roots

About Stewart Town

Stewart Town Coffee is 1st generation Americans. Our fathers immigrated from a land with one of the finest coffee growing traditions in the world, Jamaica W. I. We are descendants of James " Jack"  Stewart, an Entrepreneur, Bushman and legendary Cowboy that lived in the parishes of Portland and St. Thomas. Jack worked as a Farmer, Merchant, Shopkeeper, Cowboy and was considered a "Character", of the 1st order in eastern Jamaica.

My Father, Kenneth Stewart, Sr., is Jack Stewart's youngest child and he took us on many of the trips he took back home . We'd visit our Grandmother and go work the fields with uncle "Bobba", Edgerton Stewart. We would ride the mules up to the farm and whatever crop we were working that day and spend the days working and playing in the "jungle" or ' the bush", as they call it.

Together with daddy and uncle Bobba we would go to work picking and pruning orange, king fruit, bread fruit, banana, ackee, mango, pimento, lime and or coconut trees that seemed to be everywhere. There was an ocassional coffee tree but as kids we focused on the orange and banana trees, umm, umm, good !        

Stewart Town sits on the slopes of the John Crow Mountains. This is the eastern end of the Blue Mountain Range and one of the prettiest places on earth. In the morning as the mist leaves, the sun seems to hurry across the sky on its way to Negril at the western end of Jamaica and in its place it leaves the humidity and dampness sitting atop our farm and our coffee. We have several acres here in coffee and we're working with RADA and the CIB to create a coffee estate of real merit. An estate that is creating quality coffee and re-establishing Stewart Town as a thriving community where the Stewarts are doing what ol Jack would want them to do....supporting their community and its children.