A Romantic Getaway

My roots lay in Portland, Jamaica. I believe it to be the prettiest and most intriguing of the 14 Parishes that make up this beautiful place. I was born in America but my Father was born in an area called Stewart Town in the Parish of Portland. It’s the most eastern parish and shares the peak of Blue Mountain with its’ southern neighbor, the parish of St. Thomas. Besides the Majestic Blue Mountains, Portland also boasts some unique and beautiful attractions most visitors to the island never see. One spot, in particular, that is new and deserves your attention is a new couples resort called the “Sea Cliff”.

Wow, what a place! The owner, Errol Hanna and his son Brett have established a wonderful getaway. There’s no long, expansive, white sandy beach to lounge on and no army of waiters walking on water or serving drinks in an Olympic size pool but those places don’t possess the beauty, mystery, personality, and charm this place has to offer!

“Down the way where the nights are gay
And the sun shines daily on the mountain top
I took a trip on a sailing ship
And when I reached Jamaica I made a stop…”

That’s exactly what you’ll want to do here. Errol and Brett are building a quiet spa for lovers. Set up against the majesty and the mystery of Blue Mountain and perched just high enough above the beautiful blue water of the Caribbean that awe and rapture hold you firm. Looking toward the rising sun and rolling atop this magnificent expanse of water you’ll never encounter a better view of today coming at you.

The sunrises are brilliant and breezy and the evenings can get very hot in a setting like this, which just means you won’t need a lot of luggage!

Give em’ a call and drop in.

Sea Cliff Resort РLong Bay, Portland, Jamaica 



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