Caffeine Cowboys

Hello, I'm James Stewart. I, along with my siblings and oldest son, started Stewart Town Coffee in 2007. The sole purpose at the time was to rebuild that area of Jamaica from where my father had immigrated. That area was Stewart Town in Portland and the biggest portion of its residents are our family.
Retired AT&T Mgmt, I'm now President of Stewart Town Coffee and a, "Caffeine Cowboy !"
Hello, I'm Kenneth Stewart Jr. I'm a retired Railroad Engineer. I live on the farm in Jamaica 6 months of the year managing the day to day operations. It's challenging, exhilarating and one hell of an adventure.
I was an engineer for over 30 years and I enjoyed the outdoors, the freedom and the responsibility - this is better than that ! I grow coffee in Jamaica and I'm a "Caffeine Cowboy" !
Hey, I'm Vernal Stewart. I'm the Baby of the family.  I oversee the operation at the farm in Jamaica. I am also CEO of SE3 which is an architectural, civil engineering design team that specializes in support, program oversight, and construction management  projects. SE3 has offices in six states so coming to  Jamaica to take care of our coffee is a hard and dirty job, but someone has to do it !
As you see me now I'm in one of my favorite "conference rooms". A place called Jamaica Colors in Portland, Jamaica.
I'm preparing for a board meeting .... waiting for my brothers to show up!  As you can see, it's a "PAPERLESS Environment.” I'm  a "Caffeine Cowboy.”
Hello, I'm Leron Fields-Stewart. As you can see I'm just taking a break from all that paper work at a real, "Water Cooler" just behind the family home in Stewart Town. This is the family pool and waterfall and the water is always nice and cool running off the mountain. I am a Business Development and Senior Design Fellow for SE3.
I am the Marketing and Resource Manager for Stewart Town Coffee and Stewart Town Resources of Jamaica. We grow Cocoa, Pimento and Bananas too! I am a "Caffeine Cowboy!" I'm also the Assistant Manager of Fun !!!!!
Hello, I'm Naomi "Ginger" Stewart.  I'm a retired RN and Teacher. After a 40+ year  career in Kansas City I was looking forward to relaxing and just "sittin" down. But just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in! I thought the oldest had more power than that ...Guess Not !
I do like my Stewart Town Coffee, but I ain't no Cowboy! How about , "Caffeine Cowgirl."
Hello, I'm Raymond Stewart', Dr. Raymond Stewart. I live and practice Medicine in Connecticut. I am the Procurement Mgr for Stewart Town Resources in Jamaica. I enjoy my wife, two beautiful kids and long quiet walks on the beach, ( as long as there's a bar in sight ), and Rum Punch !
Helping maintain and rebuild the community and country of our ancestry is a priority and something I want my children to know love and be proud of;  and if we can grow some great coffee too - well everybody wins! I'm Dr. Ray and I'm a Caffeine Cowboy !