Good Mornin’ From Stewart Town

From the Mayor’s Desk!

Thanks for dropping by the Stewart Town City Hall. I’m the Mayor, James Stewart, and I’m also the Head Bean Burner. The Buck Stop’s next door, at Gary’s desk, but I’ve got a key to that too! (He gets the complaints first.. I’m a good delegator!)

At Stewart Town, the coffee roasting is part of the fun. We talk music, politics, food, libation – and chickens here! I know you probably think that I am being redundant here. You think chickens fall under food, NOT to me! I am a life member of the (CDTTTDOTYB) Carnivores Dedicated To The Total Destruction Of The Yard Bird!

Feel free to enter our town square, sit a spell, take the load off, enjoy yourself! That square is our livin’ room and you’re welcome. The coffee here is always flowing but you need to bring your own cup!

Just wanted to say hi, I’m on my way to the dog pound, we need a dog catcher too – if interested, apply with Gary!

We don’t say goodbye in Stewart Town,
we say, “Have Some Good Coffee and a Great Day!”

Shop good coffee here!

– The Stewart Town Mayor

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